If you are not familiar with POS systems, they are systems that are made to help you run your business with more efficiency and, at their core, are basically the replacement for your business cash register. And although these systems can sometimes be a bit pricey which can be a challenge for small business in retail, we think that because of all of the features that you are going to get and all of the benefits, that price is totally worth it. If you are the owner of a small business in the retail industry, then here are three POS systems that would be perfect for your business.


This POS system is a pretty general type of solution and it is that multi-purpose design that makes it perfect for any type of small business, including retail businesses. This is a free solution that is very easy to use and also to implement, which is a huge bonus if you are not someone that is very tech-savvy. It will allow your business to make payments with Android or iOS devices on your store counter, as well as on the go and you will also get a magstripe reader that will allow you to take payments from both credit and debit cards. With this system you get inventor management, fast transactions, sales reports, it stores your digital receipts and much more. Another great thing about it is that it can also be customized to use in large business.


Shopify is one of the leading providers of POS systems, but if you go for this small business retail POS system, you get more than just a simple POS system, since tit comes with all of the ecommerce features which will allow you to accept online payments and transactions. It has a very reasonable price and features that are very intuitive. This POS is designed with online retail businesses in mind and you also get thorough 24/7 customer support. Everything that happens to your business is happens in the cloud, so things like inventory management, integration with retail hardware, generating reports, and more are all done in the cloud. The best thing about this system is that you can choose to either use it as a stand-alone application or as an addition to your online store and there really is no need for to be an expert in order to do that.


This is another cloud-based POS for small retail businesses that will allow your customers to buy form your shop online from anywhere with the use of their mobile device. Its design makes it very easy for your customers to order and receive products and for you that makes buying and selling a very simple experience, which also enhances your customer knowledge at the same time. This is an all-in-one POS solution that can handle anything from inventory management to barcode scanning, analytics and much more. When operating your business you get the help of over 300 features that are both intuitive and very easy to use.

The retail business is a very competitive one and it can be difficult to stay afloat, especially if you are running a small business. Choosing the right retail POS system for you small business can be the perfect solution when it comes to running your business and just the right thing that will give you that extra bit of edge that your competitors lack.